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A tip to get more RSS subscribers

Every webmaster wants to get more subscribers to their RSS feed. The FeedBurner RSS reader button has become a icon of your sites reputation, the more subscribers you have the more likely other readers will judge your blog to be worthy.

Over at Marketing Pilgrim they are running a competition to increase their RSS subscriber base. All you have to do is subscribe to their RSS feed and wait for a special message that they will publish at the end of one of their posts only visible in their RSS feed.

Winning RSS subscribers

By the end of August (2007) they will publish the secret message and you have to email them. I guess this is so they know you are still subscribed. They will pick a winner who emails them.

At the moment the prize is $300 but if they get 10,000 subscribers before the competition closes they will double the prize money to $600. As I write they have 5772 readers.

This is a great idea for attracting new subscribers. Firstly it's really easy to enter but what is clever about this competition is that most will probably forget about the competition and stay subscribed. This also means that the few that will email them when they get the secret RSS message will have great odds of winning.

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