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Benefits of using RSS

Exactly why do we use RSS to create feeds and read feeds. What are the benefits to the publisher and the reader. Based on my experiences at RSS Newsniche I will tell you how to get the best from RSS. There are 2 sides to every RSS coin, the reader and the publisher. Why do publishers publish and why do readers read.

Publishing RSS feeds

Lets look at the reasons why a publisher would publish an RSS feed and how you can benefit as a publisher and what to avoid.

  • Provides an additional channel to attract readers
  • RSS readers are loyal readers
  • RSS subscribers with their own blogs will blog about you

The downside is that people reading your RSS feed will not be visiting your site to read your content. This will mean lower visitor stats for your site and potentially hurt your revenue gained via advertising on your site.

It's not all as bad as it seems as repeat loyal visitors to your site tend to click on ads less anyway. You can offset some of the lost revenue by placing ads in your RSS feed.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

In my experience the biggest benefits to be had from RSS is by subscribing to feeds. With an RSS feed the subscriber is in control. You decide whether you want to remain subscribed to any particular feed.

As an RSS consumer you get to have all the new content from all your favourite sites all in one place. This not only saves you time with not having to visit each site individually but you also tend to get the content without all the peripheral content such as adverts.

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