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Whilst gingerly checking my Feedburner feeds stats for Newsniche I noticed a new feed reader. Whilst this in itself is not that shocking, what is surprising is that there are nearly as many RSS subscribers using Blogbridge as there are using Bloglines.

Multi platform and free

Like any good blogger I decided to take a look at Blogbridge to see what all the fuss is about. On the site it is described as an open source blog and feed aggregator. This is the first major plus being that it is free to use and can be downloaded from the site.

The second plus is that it is cross platform, there is a version for windows, Mac OSX and Linux. For those who are looking for a desktop based feed aggregator then this looks like a slick well designed offering.

Blogbridge review

I installed the Windows version to see what all the fuss is about. I must admit the install was very professional looking and fast. On first starting the reader you are given the option of signing up for an account. This gives you the ability to synchronise your feeds so you could see the same thing at work and at home and know which posts you have read.

There is an in house feed library you can also use to subscribe to new feeds, I noticed Newsniche was not listed there, surely just a minor oversight Pito.

The display is quite well organised displaying guides, feeds and articles in a hierarchical manner. One of the main bugbears of desktop RSS readers is the speed of updating feeds, I am glad to say when I imported my OPML list the feeds were fetched pretty swiftly.

In all I have to say this is probably the best desktop RSS reader I have come across. The team at Blogbridge have certainly spend time and effort getting it right and also making it look good. If I wasn't so attached to Bloglines (habit I suppose) I would certainly be using Blogbridge.

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