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You will hopefully be glad to hear that you can now post comments on Newsniche. The conventional way to do this would be to whip up some PHP goodness to allow you to post directly on this site. Instead I have gone for a less conventional solution.

If I have my coding correct you should see a little Digg it button at the end of each post. If you click it you will be taken to Digg where you can comment on this post. If you are the first to Digg a post you will need to Digg the post before commenting.

Why Digg

The reason I have opted to use Digg for outsourced comments of a sort is mostly because I thought it would be a good experiment. If it works it means that there will be less spam and more comments because the post will be exposed to a larger Digg audience.

The cost of Digg

Like everything there is a downside. Firstly if anything happens to Digg I lose all my comments on this blog. The Digg it buttons on this page are javascript and may cause the page to load more slowly. People who want to comment need to be Digg members.

We will see if this works and I guess will be able to judge it effectiveness through your feedback. You know I am always making this site better for you guys.

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