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Full feeds reviewed

Way back near the end of last year following much debating on both sides of the argument I decided to start publishing full feeds here at Newsniche. Now two months on we will review the results.

RSS results

Ironically or not the day I decide to blog about this the number of RSS subscribers to this blog reaches an all time high of 212 readers. This although not a staggering amount I cannot categorically say that publishing full feeds is the result of this.

Looking at a longer term stats from Feedburner it look like this blog has continued to grow at a natural rate. Other than today's jump it looks like switching to full feeds made no difference to RSS readership.

RSS stats no surprise

I am not surprised at the results and didn't really expect there to a dramatic change. The reason for this is that the number of readers is quite small and any change would be difficult to attribute to the switch.

As a result I am still going to continue with full feeds for the simple reason that the majority of RSS subscribers appear to prefer this.

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