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Getting more from you RSS feed

As an RSS feed publisher you should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve your readers experience and your marketing return. Here are a few things you can do to improve your RSS experience.

Full feeds are becoming de facto standard for bloggers as busy readers seem to prefer this. A big reason for this is that your readers can get all there news in one place, their news reader. While this is great for your readers it is probably not great for the number of visitors that are actually visiting your site.

Strategic linking

While you don't want to drown your readers in links a few well placed links can add value to your post. Consider referring back to previous posts when you mention related content. If you are writing about something you blogged about several months ago then link back to that old posts.

Your readers will appreciate it as they may have not previously read the post or may need a reminder about it. You are also giving your readers some background information. At the same time you are drawing readers back to your main site. You will have readers from your RSS feed visiting the site and visitors from where your RSS feed has been republished.

An RSS footer

Another way to temp readers back to your site is to have an RSS footer at the end of each post. This can be just a few links back to the main areas of your site. Here at Newsniche there is a footer containing links so readers can leave a comment and view the blogs archives.

The importance of site traffic

Many sites publishing RSS feeds only monetize their site so visitors reading content only in their RSS reader will not be seeing any advertising. While many readers may think this is great, if you depend on advertising to keep your site running then that's not good news.

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