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Looking ahead to 2007

It's fast approaching another year so I have decided to take stock and make some plans for Newsniche in 2007.

Now there are a few improvements I would like to see to this blog during 2007 which I think would benefit the visitors, that's you. It has been relatively easy to come up with the ideas but it's the implementation of those ideas that usually holds everything up.

RSS tools directory

The big idea for 2007 is the RSS tools directory, that's not an RSS feed directory but a directory of tools and services for RSS. The reason for this is that over the years I have blogged about lots of different tools and services, but there are scattered about and are not easy to find.

An RSS tools directory would allow you to find the exact tool or service you were looking for. It would be neatly categorized into different tools so you could compare similar services.

You may be thinking this all sounds good but exactly when is it going to happen. Well 2007, sometime. It is going to take a while to code the database and site, then I will start populating it with the tools and services I have reviewed previously. There will also be a facility for you to submit your own RSS tools.

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