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More on RSS in 2007

I previously wrote about RSS being big in 2007. Now it seems Pheedo are also predicting 2007 to be a big year for RSS. A big part of this future mongering is to do with both Firefox and IE7 integrating RSS, people still do not know what RSS is but they are wondering about those little orange squares.

Like all new technology it takes a while before it becomes mainstream. RSS has been welcomed by the internet savvy community but has remained elusive to the majority of internet surfers who care not for how things work.

Subscribing to a feed has become more transparent and many do not even realise they have subscribed to a feed and probably do not really care. The main point of RSS is the content not RSS itself.

The problems with email spam have almost crippled email as a broadcast medium because the end user has no control over receiving the message. RSS changed all this because the user has complete control and that is the way it should be.

There are figures being bandied about that most email is spam and most emails are blocked. Figures for AOL show about 75% of messages through there system. I for one get a deluge of spam mails, why send me the message once when you can send it to me a hundred times to different aliases.

As more and more people consume RSS and more sites provide feeds the incentive for spammers to send you emails will reduce. I predict RSS will eventually overtake email as the primary vehicle for delivering messages to users but will never replace email as a conversational tool.

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