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Personal Bee is an RSS discovery engine. It discovers terms within RSS feeds and then creates a tag cloud or the current buzz words and their current popularity. At the moment this RSS discovery engine is in it's infancy but features are being added all the time. There is a Bee Blog that where you can keep up to date with new changes.

You can browse the public bees or create your own private bees, currently there is not a way to create a personal account other than emailing the webmaster. The public area allows you to use the tag cloud to navigate popular terms for each of the news groups, they call these groups editions.

There are lots of new terms you will become familiar with. Firstly there are the public and personal editions or bees. An edition is a group of RSS feeds that cover a particular topic such as technology. You can then browse this edition for posts relating to phrases in the tag cloud. The tag cloud is a group of phrases that give an indicator of popular terms in a particular edition, in this example popular phrases about technology.

At the moment there are only a few editions, mostly internet and technology orientated, but no doubt this will grow over time. As a user of Personal Bee you will be able to stay aware of the current buzz (no pun intended) around your particular topic of interest.

On the main discovery page you are able to view posts by clicking on the popular phrases in the tag cloud or you can type in your own search phrase. I must admit other than the basic search and navigation I did find it difficult to get to grips with the usage interface with there possibly being too many options available on a single page. Other than this I would say this is an impressive tool that will become as popular as the likes of Technorati, Digg and Delicious.

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