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Promotion with RSS part 3

The final installation of the series about RSS promotion, this time we will look at the benefits of syndication. Syndication is where you are making the content of your RSS feed available for others to publish.

If you are at all familiar with RSS you will probably have realised by now that if you publish an RSS feed it will b syndicated whether you like it or not. The reason is that RSS feeds are easy to republish with very little technical knowledge.

RSS promotion, making the most of syndication

Now you could track down all the webmasters that are republishing your RSS feed and ask them to desist. Instead why not put your energies into making syndication work for you.

Luckily for you most webmasters that republish your feed will not read your content (the cheek) and publish your RSS feed verbatim. Don't worry, this is good. It means we can link back to our older content and get some free publicity and links pointing back to our site which Google loves.

How to link back in your posts

The thing to remember is to make any links back to your own site as natural as possible and do not over do it. As an example in this post I have linked to the previous posts in this series. This not only gives us links back to the site but is also useful for the reader as they can be made aware of other related posts you have made.

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