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Promotion with RSS

Many webmasters might be wondering how you can get more visitors and increase your readership by using RSS. Read on to find out the ways in which you can spread your RSS fingers into other peoples pies.

Publishing a feed for promotion

By publishing an RSS feed you are syndicating your content for your readers and other webmasters to republish. The republishing of feeds is a whole other topic but for now we will assumes webmasters will republish your RSS feed whether you like it or not.

Publicize your feed

The first thing you should do is make your visitors aware that you have a feed to publish. Place a prominent link in your navigation so it catches the readers eye, using RSS icons are a good way to do this.

Make your site RSS aware, this will allow readers browsers to detect that you offer an RSS feed. To do this just place a single line of HTML in the header section of your pages to give your readers a one click RSS feed subscription.

Off site promotion

In the next exciting instalment we will discuss promoting your RSS feed on other sites including RSS directories.

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