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ReBlog is an RSS republishing system developed by Eyebeam and Stamen. It is available as a Moveable Type or WordPress plugin and is free to download and use under the GPL license.

ReBlog allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, select the posts that you think are interesting and the republish them to your blog. What makes this different from many of the other RSS republishing tools currently available is that it requires some human management of the feeds. This is good as it promotes a quality editorial element rather than the simple hands off copy and republish system that basically just promotes republishing duplicate content.

Using ReBlog allows you to monitor several feeds and select the posts from the feeds you deem interesting. These posts are then published into a new feed which can be made available on your blog, to view or as a new feed.

You can find out more information at ReBlog where you can view sample blogs using ReBlog and download the latest version. A version for Blosxom is on its way.

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