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A new Pay Per Review service has been launched where you get paid to write a review on your blog. I was looking into this and found an interesting use of RSS you may be interested to see.

I am getting paid to review ReviewME. This is one of the things you have to do in order to do reviews for ReviewME, you need to declare that you are doing a paid review. You are offered reviews to do, if you accept them you get paid. The reviews do not have to be positive, but why would you waste your time reviewing something that is not any good in the first place?

What I found interesting is their use of RSS on their site. Firstly their blog has what they claim to be the biggest RSS button. Whilst this may be true the fact that they make the RSS button so prominent on their site shows just how mainstream RSS is becoming.

If you look at their blog you will notice that there is no email newsletter links just the over sized RSS subscription button. I have noticed this sort of tactic on other blogs and they claim it actually increases their subscription rate.

The second use of RSS is that they provide a personal RSS feed to each blogger. This feed is unique to just that person and keeps them updated on their account activity. The feed is identified using a unique key that only the blogger is given.

This is the first mainstream use of RSS I have come across. It means they can keep their user base updated about their account and make sure they are made aware of time sensitive information. An email would be prone to spam filters and the risk of non delivery.

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