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I'm sure you have already read about Blogrush, even though it was released this weekend every major blogger seems to have written about it. The reason it has become so popular is because it's the next internet marketing bandwagon. It allows you to get traffic by displaying an RSS widget on your blog.


Blogrush works by displaying related items from RSS feeds within a widget that you display on your blog. In turn one of the items in your feed is displayed within the widget displayed on someone else's blog. The idea is that you are syndicating your RSS feed on other blogs. I have even coined a new term for this, it's called adgregation. RSS feeds aggregated together in what is essentially an ad.

Having related feed items displayed to your blog readers is a new spin on an old idea. As the widget only displays the RSS feed item title you are going to have to come up with some pretty eye catching headlines to attract click-through's.

Referral program

There is also a referral program which allows you to recommend this widget to others and in return you will get your RSS headlines displayed a greater number of times (assuming they also install the widget).


Whilst the idea of the Blogrush widget can be potentially beneficial in driving traffic there are a couple of points you may want to consider. Mark over at 45n5 has raised the point that displaying the widget on a blog that carries Adsense may be against their terms of service. Secondly you may be giving up a large area of blog real estate for a currently unknown return. By all means test the service but be sure to remove it if it's not working for you.

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