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RSS advertising with Bidvertiser

There are already several options for RSS advertising but Bidvertiser has decided to enter the market and offer publishers the opportunity to sell advertising in their RSS feeds. Of course this also means advertisers will also be able to buy ads in RSS feeds.

Advertising with RSS

With the much larger subscriber numbers for RSS feeds it has become more viable for advertising to appear within an RSS feed. An ad in an RSS feed means that the ad will only appear in the feed rather than on the site.

As RSS subscribers tend to be more interested in the content the ads could be more effective if targeted correctly. Bidvertisers feed advertising program is in public beta and offers RSS advertising and allows RSS publishers to sell RSS ads. It will be interesting to see how it progresses compared the Feedvertiser program.

The value of an RSS subscriber at 30 dollars

Have you ever wondered how much each subscriber to your RSS feed is worth. Well according to Mark over at 45n5 that magic number is currently $30. Mark arrived at this figure by dividing the price blogs have recently sold for by the number of subscribers to the blog.

I have previously made predictions about RSS playing a more important role back in October 2006. It looks like RSS is now an important metric to measure the success of a site and it is also starting to play a larger role in deciding the monetary value of a blog.

RSS subscribers and their value

Although Mark's use of RSS as a measurement of value was just a bit of fun it does show that RSS is a valued metric. A year ago most webmasters and readers would not have placed much if any value in the number of subscribers you have.

As RSS becomes a more valued metric the value of the RSS feed itself will grow. There are going to be more advertisers willing to buy advertising in an RSS feed and the value of RSS will grow. This is because many RSS subscribers do not click through to the website itself but use the feed to consume the content.

RSS advertising options

Being able to place ads in your RSS feed is a relatively new phenomenon, as is RSS itself. It was inevitable advertising would enter the RSS world as it has for all the other areas of the internet. Advertising in RSS feeds is growing especially as the move by many webmasters to publish full feeds and their concern that readers will no longer visit their sites.

RSS advertising options

If you want to be able to offer advertising in your feeds you have two options. You can outsource the advertising to one of the third party advertising agencies such as Feedvertising.

Allowing a third party to manage your ads means that you do not have to worry about managing your ad inventory, sourcing advertisers or the technical aspects of RSS advertising. The down side is that you will have to pay part of your revenue to the company for doing the work. This is a good option if you want to get started quickly.

Managing your own RSS ads

The alternative is to do everything yourself. Of course this means you will need to handle the technical aspect of adding ads into your RSS feed. The benefits will mean you have complete control over everything and you will get all of the revenue from any ad sales.

The do it yourself option does require some technical knowledge and a bit of time so if you lack either of these you would be better off outsourcing.

Sell ads in your RSS feeds with Feedvertising

Text Link ads the current darlings of the blogging internet have introduced Feedvertising, a way for you to place ads in your RSS feed.

I have been using Text link Ads for a while now and has provided welcome additional revenue that I would never have had otherwise. Traditionally they have focussed on selling text links, you can see such links under the sponsor title on this site.


The Feedvertising RSS advertising offered by Text Link Ads allows bloggers to place ads in their RSS feeds. It works by installing some code into your blogging platform, unfortunately only Wordpress 2 users can use this service at the moment but other blogging platforms are to follow.

Like the Text link service they offer, Feedvertising costs nothing. Instead the company takes a cut of any advertising they sell on your behalf, that's if you choose to sell links in your feed you can just use the service and use your own ads.

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