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Everyone has probably heard of autoresponders, these are software programs that allow you to send scheduled messages to a customer after they have requested them. One of the most common uses for an autoresponder is to send out a free ecourse in the hope of enticing the customer to purchase a related product.

RSS autoresponders work the same way as email autoresponders, the only difference being one uses email to deliver the messages whilst the other uses RSS as the delivery medium.

Pros : Easy to use, Established

Cons : Only subscription version available

RSS AutoPublisher was the first RSS autoresponder software that I came across. The system they offer is web based so you log into a website to manage your autoresponder messages via an online control panel. This is probably the easiest option for most webmasters as it means no software installation, no upgrade worries and no bandwidth considerations.

You are able to import your messages or use the online HTML editor to create your messages from scratch. You are able to customize the messages to add personal greetings as each message is created individually.

Individual campaigns, messages and broadcasts can be managed through the control panel giving complete control. Broadcasts can be made based on dates so you can set up a message to be broadcast at a future date. Subsequent follow up messages can be scheduled to your predefined dates.

The customer subscription forms are generated by RSS AutoPublisher, all you have to do is select the fields, customization is quite easy through the control panel. The thank you page can also be personalised and you can track where customers subscribe from. The messages are broadcasts to the RSS channels that the software sets up for you. There is also the option to publish your broadcasts to an online archive if you are broadcasting newsletters rather than messages.

The RSS AutoPublisher control panel allows you to edit your subscriber details and manage groups of subscribers. There are also a number of reports available so you can keep an eye on the performance of your campaigns.

RSS AutoPublisher does what it says, it allows you to set up, manage and publish RSS autoresponder messages without the need for you to understand the complexity behind how it works.


If you want to get straight into using RSS autoreponders and may not have as good a technical ability then RSS AutoPublisher is for you.

Pros : Includes email autoresponder, many features

Cons : Slightly more complicated to use

FeedMagic is a combined RSS autoresponder and Email autoresponder combined, this means you can give your customers a choice of signing up by RSS or email. Feedmagic has both a hosted version like RSS Autopublisher but also offers a version you can install on your server that runs on PHP.

With Feedmagic offering email and RSS you are able to use this software to replace your existing email autoresponder and use their combined software. You import your existing email list into Feedmagic.

There are many functions you can perform using this software. Feedmagic is able to de-duplicate your lists so you do not send multiple messages to customers who have signed up more than once. The software monitors messages that are sent out so customers are not bombarded with messages that they have already received.

A useful function of the software is the ability to do split tests where you can send out the same message but half get a slightly altered message, a different headline for example. This is good for testing your sales copy.

Another useful benefit of Feedmagic is that it is able to clean your email and RSS list. Users that unsubscribe are removed, bounced emails are removed, RSS subscribers that do not read your messages after a certain period can be removed.

There are a number of tracking and reporting options available so you can find out where your customers are subscribing from. You can track when users click a link on your email or RSS message. Message and click histories are kept so you can analyse the history of individual customers.

Feedmagic is a comprehensive piece of software that gives you complete control over your RSS (and email) autoresponder campaigns.


If you have a bit more technical knowledge, want all the features and need an email autoresponder included choose FeedMagic.
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