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RSS stats that will shock you

Only having recently reported on the reporting of Google readers stats it seems that both Pheedo and Feedburner are only too happy to quench our thirst for RSS statistics.

Both parties have produced some pretty graphs to show us how RSS feeds amongst the general population are being consumed. On surprising statistic is that MyYahoo is showing a large market share, although MyYahoo tends to only display headlines rather than being an RSS reader.

I click you

After taking a look at the Feedburner figures I decided to compare this to our own RSS readership, that's you. It seems that MyYahoo readers will click through to the website to read a post, this is mainly because they usually only see the headlines rather than the entire post.

You may remember that I carried out a little experiment on publishing full feeds at the end of last year. The results that I was expecting was that there would be an increase in subscribers. There was a small increase but nothing significant.

Is it something I said

Now for the shocking news. As a direct result of publishing full feeds there was a significant drop in clicks back to the website. Now you may be thinking that it is pretty obvious that this would happen. Why visit the site when you can read the content in your feed reader.

As a result I think we can conclude that if you want your RSS subscribers to visit your site do not publish full feeds. If you do publish full feeds then you really need to attract your readers back to your site by providing some additional content and also linking to old content in your new posts.

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