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Save time by using RSS feeds in forums

If like me you spend a lot of time trolling forums you soon find that you have whiled away another significant portion of your day. These days most forums have RSS feeds for each section of discussion that you can subscribe to in your RSS reader.

By subscribing to a particular section of a forum you can keep up to date with all the new posts and discussions that are going on. On busy forums I would not recommend subscribing to their main feed that contains every single new post. This would be way too much information and information you don't really need.

RSS forum feeds keeping you in the know

To give you a time saving example let's look at the ever popular webmaster hang out Digital Point. You can find numerous webmaster related discussions occurring, far too many to keep up with unless you have the whole day free.

If we wanted to find out about new sites that are coming up for sale then we could subscribe to the sub forums sites feed. This would contain all of the new threads that have been started, essentially letting us know when a new site is up for sale.

Whilst this in itself will save us time we may not have our feed reader open all day so why not use a desktop widget such as the one built into Windows Vista. Alternatively there are plenty of good widgets available to download. This way you can see new threads appear from your desktop without having to visit the forum.

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