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Sell ads in your RSS feeds with Feedvertising

Text Link ads the current darlings of the blogging internet have introduced Feedvertising, a way for you to place ads in your RSS feed.

I have been using Text link Ads for a while now and has provided welcome additional revenue that I would never have had otherwise. Traditionally they have focussed on selling text links, you can see such links under the sponsor title on this site.


The Feedvertising RSS advertising offered by Text Link Ads allows bloggers to place ads in their RSS feeds. It works by installing some code into your blogging platform, unfortunately only Wordpress 2 users can use this service at the moment but other blogging platforms are to follow.

Like the Text link service they offer, Feedvertising costs nothing. Instead the company takes a cut of any advertising they sell on your behalf, that's if you choose to sell links in your feed you can just use the service and use your own ads.

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