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You can submit your RSS feeds to the Google personalized homepage. As yet it is not clear how Google will be using this information or if it will help webmasters promote their own RSS feeds.

To add your feeds to Google you need to sign up for a personal account. Once you have done this you can log into your account. To add a feed just click on the add content link and then the create a section. You can now type in the url of your feed and click add.

The new feeds added to your personal Google homepage will appear showing the feed title and by default the 3 most recent items. Currently only the titles of each item are displayed and clicking this takes you directly to the linked page.

At the very least this allows you to make Google aware of your RSS feeds by creating your own personal homepage and adding your own feeds. Perhaps the future will bring and RSS search facility within Google that will be a boon for RSS publishers.

The Google personalized homepage seems to be treating RSS feeds as news headlines rather than the more techie RSS feed look. This would suggest Google may be going for a simple implementation of RSS so as to appeal to the less techie audience who are mostly unaware of RSS.

If this is the direction Google are taking then it would make sense that Google will be adding some sort of news search facility on the personalized homepage to make it easier for users to search for news that they are interested in. At the moment the RSS feed url has to be entered which is really only useful to those who are familiar with RSS.

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