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The RSS news feed from RSS Newsniche.

If you are new to RSS or do not know what RSS is then read on. If you just want to subscribe to this feed then use one of the links below.

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For those of you who do not know what RSS is then here is a brief explanation. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. This is a means of syndicating content over the internet.

In its simplest form you would create an RSS file with a .RSS or .XML extention. This file would contain headlines and a brief summary about each headline. You would then save this file on your server and make it available to others by means of the links above.

Each of the links I am showing above would be used for each type of RSS reader a user might be using. You do not have to display all of the links above, but this makes it easier for potential subscribers to read your feed.

You can create the file containing the feed by hand by using a text editor. An easier way would be to use software specifically created for this task, take a look at the RSS publishing tools on this site to see how easy it is.

To be able to read an RSS news feed you will have to use a RSS news reader. This will format the RSS file so as you can read it, just like your web browser is formatting the HTML in this web page.

In summary there are a few downsides, but if you do not code and want some feeds on your site quickly then this is the way to go. Ok, so now you understand what is involved here are the links to the sites that provide the free RSS to javascript service. All you need to do is follow the on site instructions.

If you click on the first RSS subscription link rather than adding the URL to your RSS reader you will find that a web page will appear with the feed displayed. This is because I use a service called FeedBurner that allows me to see some statistics anout how many subscribers I have. It also acts as a proxy so as I do not get flooded with requests for my RSS feed.

Thats about it, if you have any further questions that you think need adding to the RSS subscribers FAQ or the RSS publishers FAQ feel free to email me at allan(at)