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If you listen to podcasts you are probably subscribed using your favourite RSS reader, I have already talked about which is the best RSS reader. Whilst this is fine it's not the best way to handle podcast RSS attachments. Things like pictures, video and sound files are not actually enclosed within the feed itself so these files need to be downloaded from the webhost's server.

Juice Receiver

The best way to manage podcasts is to use a specialist program that will manage your subscriptions and download any new podcast files. Juice Receiver does just that and is currently the best free RSS podcast reader. It is free and there is a version for both Windows and the Apple Mac OS X.

Once installed the program sits in your toolbar and periodically checks for any new podcasts from the RSS feeds that you have subscribed to. The downloaded files are then saved onto your computer organised into named folders.

Juice Receiver is easy to use, you add new feeds, set the scheduler to check for new podcasts periodically and the let the program sit in your toolbar. You can force the program to check and download any new items if you can't wait for Juice to check. Any downloaded audio files can be played via Juice Receiver.

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