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The growing value of RSS

What does RSS mean? I don't mean that literally but what does RSS mean to you. First and foremost it is a way to keep updated with what's going on in your field of interest. There is no other way to stay on top of so much information, I read 76 different RSS feeds, imagine trying to read the same amount of websites of newspapers.

It's because of this unique ability of RSS to provide a large manageable amount of information that is totally in your control that news feeds are now a growing influence amongst web publishers.

RSS as a metric

RSS is becoming more of a valued metric for webmasters. An RSS subscriber is like a vote of confidence, remember unlike email a subscriber can stop subscribing to a feed easily at any time. Your RSS news reader of choice will never contain any spam unlike your email reader.

More and more web publishers are proudly displaying their RSS reader count badge. This is not merely a boast but a way to promote their site to other potential subscribers. If your site or blog is good then you will get loyal RSS subscribers. If others see you have loyal subscribers they will be more likely to subscribe.

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