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Your RSS feed in Yahoo

Your RSS news feed can get you into Yahoo. I am going to take you through the steps you need to take to get yourself listed in Yahoo. Before we start you will need to create a feed, take a look through the feed publishing tools for software to create your feed.

I would recommend that you do not submit your feed until you have several posts otherwise when visitors subscribe to your feed there is not going to be much for them to read. You may need to come back to this article at a later point once your feed is ready.

Okay, so you have your feed ready. Now you can follow these simple steps to get your feed into Yahoo.

Firstly you need to go to and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up the next step is to log into your account with your new username and password. You should now be in you're page, click on the add content button and then click the add RSS by URL link.

Now type in the URL of your news feed. You should type the full URL including the http part.

img src="/yahoo-enter-url.gif" width=503 height=303 border=0 alt="enter RSS feed url">

You should now be presented with a preview of your feed with a message telling you that your feed has now been added to your my Yahoo page.

preview RSS feed

Next click on goto my.Yahoo and this will take you to your main my.Yahoo page which should shown your new feed.

your RSS feed

That's it. Shortly the Yahoo Feed Seeker bot will visit your site, take a look in your raw logs and there should be a YahooFeedSeeker entry in there somewhere similar to this.

yahoo feedseeker

Proof that you are now on Yahoo's radar. Now while your on a roll you may want to submit your RSS feed to some of the other RSS directories.

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subscribe to the Newsniche RSS feed

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